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Universal Hosting's Response to Ubiquiti Breach

Dear Customer or User of UHX Services,

Universal Hosting, LLC. has been alerted by Ubiquiti, Inc. - a network and IOT product and services vendor that Ubiquiti suffered a breach which may have affected its user account data on ui.com and other Ubiquiti run websites and systems.

Our response:

Ubiquiti, Inc. is a vendor of Universal Hosting, LLC. However, we have no indications that our network, services, user privacy, or data of any kind was accessed or compromised in any way. As an added precaution, we are working with Ubiquiti to secure any affected UHX accounts on UI’s systems. We employ automated detection systems that automatically secure compromised accounts, and this action was taken just minutes after we were notified.

What you should do:

  • Your UHX accounts and services are secure and no password resets are necessary.

  • If you own Ubiquiti products (controllers, access points, routers, AmpliFi, etc.), reset your password on ui.com and on your controller / cloudkey. You should also enable 2 Factor Authentication.

  • If you are NOT a Ubiquiti customer, no action is required.

Universal Hosting is committed to providing safe and secure hosting and IT services, and extends its culture of security first to all active vendors. If you have any questions, please open a support request at https://clients.universal-hosting.com or call (504) 533-HOST.

Universal Hosting, LLC. Team Security